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Fill in the blanks with the proper answer.

1. Even though a person becomes a Christian, there is still a problem of SIN to overcome. We must remember that we are DEAD to sin and ALIVE
    to God.

2. Being a Christian means taking off one's DIRTY or (OLD) clothes and putting on CLEAN or (NEW) ones.

3. The Christian should set his affections on things ABOVE , not on things on the EARTH .

4. When we become Christians, we make CHANGES in our lives.

5. A FILTHY mouth should not be in a CLEANSED soul.

6. PRIDE must be changed into humbleness of mind; ANGER must be changed into kindness; and SELFISHNESS must be changed into love.

7. We are to CONFORM ourselves into the image of Christ.

8. We are instructed to WORK out our own salvation with FEAR and trembling.

9. God must be put FIRST in our lives, and we must LOVE our neighbors as ourselves.


Mark the following statements True or False

1. We must be holy because God is holy and has called us to holiness. TRUE

2. God has promised eternal life to those who are faithful and obey Him. TRUE

3. Fornication and other sexually-related sins must be put away. TRUE

4. It is all right for Christians to become angry and lie once in a while. FALSE

5. A Christian changes the way he thinks, his attitudes, the way he speaks, and the way he behaves. TRUE

6. Jesus will return some day to take His people to Heaven. TRUE

7. Being Christians will make us better husbands, wives, workers, and citizens. TRUE

8. Christians have no obligations to those who are not Christians. FALSE

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