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Fill in the blanks with the proper answer.

1. The FIRST day of the WEEK (Sunday) is the time Christians are to meet to offer up their WORSHIP to God.

2. The bread represents Jesus' BODY , which was broken on the cross; the cup (containing the fruit of the vine) represents His BLOOD .

3. Paul commanded Christians to give on the FIRST day of the week as we have been PROSPERED .

4. The apostles spoke through the INSPIRATION of the Holy Spirit.

5. We should SEARCH the Scriptures DAILY to make sure that we are being taught the TRUTH .

6. Christians are taught to pray without CEASING ; our requests should not be for purely SELFISH things.

7. Christians should speak to each other in SONGS and HYMNS and SPIRITUAL songs.

8. A king named JEROBOAM changed the way God said to worship. In doing so the nation committed a GREAT sin. No one has the right to ADD to
    or take AWAY from God's rules for worship.

Mark the following statements True or False.

1. Since we can worship God as individuals, it is not ever necessary to meet with the church. FALSE

2. Truth is not an important part of worship; sincerity is all that is needed. FALSE

3. To "break bread" may refer to the Lord's Supper. TRUE

4. Christians should observe the Lord's Supper once a month. FALSE

5. God does not expect His children to enjoy giving. FALSE

6. Studying the word of God will cause us to grow spiritually. TRUE

7. God does not want to hear our requests. FALSE

8. The New Testament never authorizes us to use musical instruments to accompany our singing. TRUE

9. Christians do not need authority for what they teach or practice. FALSE

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