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Fill in the blanks with the proper answer.

1. The Christian confesses his sins to GOD .

2. We come in contact with the blood of Christ at BAPTISM .

3. The church is the BODY of Christ.

4. Jesus nourishes and cherishes the CHURCH .

5. The word church sometimes refers to the ENTIRE body of believers, and sometimes it refers to the LOCAL congregation.

6. "For by one SPIRIT we were all baptized into one BODY ."

7. Christians should be "perfectly joined together in the SAME mind and in the SAME judgment."

8. When Christians are divided, it is a sign that they are CARNAL .

9. As Gentiles we were without GOD ; we had no HOPE .

10. We must keep ourselves PURE , grow SPIRITUALLY , and be sure that in the church we are a part that does its SHARE .

11. The church was prepared from the FOUNDATION of the world.


Mark the following statements True or False.

1. There are some sins that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse. FALSE

2. Through baptism we put on Christ. TRUE

3. When a Christian sins, he must be baptized again. FALSE

4. The Lord adds a saved person to a man-made denomination. FALSE

5. The church has one head and several bodies. FALSE

6. There is only one church with Jesus being its one head. TRUE

7. Jesus has broken down the middle wall of division between us and made both Jew and Gentile one. TRUE

8. All men and women of all races can be one in the church. TRUE

9. Being a Christian is a great privilege involving great responsibilities. TRUE

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